PBA Applied Ecology
PBA Applied Ecology


The team at PBA Applied Ecology have the necessary experience to provide a full range of services where badgers have the potential to be impacted through works. This includes a range of survey techniques to inform Badger Mitigation Plans and Method of Work Statements. We also have a proven track record of quickly attaining Natural England Mitigation Licences to allow for works which will impact setts. Within the team we have experience of overseeing sett exclusions, closures and destruction under licence and have designed and constructed replacement badger setts.

What services do we offer?

Our team of ecologists have the necessary experience and licences to offer a full suite of services pertaining to badgers, including:

  • Badger sett and field sign surveys with detailed mapping – optimal period August to October or February to May

  • Badger bait marking surveys 

  • Camera trap surveys 

  • Badger Mitigation Plan and Badger Method of Work Statements

  • Natural England Badger Mitigation Licence Application – Licences are usually only granted for works occurring between 1st July to 30th November

  • Sett exclusions, closures and destruction under licence – 1st July to 30th November

  • Design and construction of artificial badger sett – 1st July to 30th November

Legislation protecting badgers

Badgers and their setts are protected under the Protection of Badgers Act 1992. Under this act it is a criminal offence to intentionally or recklessly capture, kill or injure a badger, damage, destroy or block access to a badger’s sett or disturb badgers in setts. Contravention of this act can lead to up to 6 months imprisonment and an unlimited fine. Natural England Badger Mitigation Licences can be applied for to allow activities which would others contravene this Act to be carried out. These licences require detailed survey results and mitigation plans.

Do I need a badger survey?

The potential for badgers to be present at a site will be assessed during one of our Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (PEAs). This includes a data search for recorded setts and badger sightings, an assessment of the habitat quality, and a search for field signs such as setts, paths and latrines. Following the PEA additional Phase 2 badger surveys may be recommended if the proposed works have the potential to impact badgers or their setts.

If you have any queries regarding the services your project may require, please contact our Terrestrial team specialists.