PBA Applied Ecology
PBA Applied Ecology

Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA)

PBA Applied Ecology's team have completed Environmental Impact Assessments (EIAs) on a wide range of projects nationwide, including; tidal barrages, long distance pipelines, reservoir developments, quarry extensions & mining works, roads, and railways. PBA’s team has experience working in a wide variety of habitats, and the experience gained from past projects means the team are well placed to assist with the preparation of an EIA.

EIA Process

EIAs are a requirement of many large-scale developments. The requirements for EIAs are set out in EU Directive 2011/92/EU with projects designated under Appendix 1 or Appendix 2. Their aim is to assess the positive and negative environmental, social and economic impacts of a development.

From initial concept and pre-application scoping, through surveys and reporting, to planning application and beyond, PBA delivers a professional service throughout the planning process. Our approach is to provide comprehensive and readily digested information that meets the expectations of consenting authorities, and addresses, as far as reasonably possible third party issues. 

PBA’s approach helps projects proceed most efficiently through to appropriate planning determination and project completion.

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