PBA Applied Ecology
PBA Applied Ecology

Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA)

Preliminary Ecological Appraisals (PEAs) typically include entry level ecological surveys carried out at sites that are earmarked for development. PBA Applied Ecology’s team of ecologists have experience of carrying out PEAs at a range of sites across the UK. PBA have the necessary skills to survey sites that contain a wide array of habitats and ecological interest features. We particularly excel at identifying aquatic ecological constraints where watercourses are present on site.

What does a PEA include?

The main output from a Preliminary Ecological Appraisal (PEA) is a standalone report which incorporates the results of a range of surveys and desktop study to evaluate the ecological importance of a site and detail any ecological constraints which may limit works. A PEA report includes:

  • Desk Study – A review of all available ecological records within a 2 km radius of the site, to include statutory sites, non-statutory sites, protected species and invasive species

  • Extended Phase One Habitat Survey – A summary of the habitats present on site determined by a walkover survey. Any field signs of protected species are noted along with any potential for protected species to be present. Evidence of invasive non-native species are also recorded at this stage

  • Site Map – A GIS map is produced identifying the habitats present on site. Target notes will be used to identify any features of ecological significance, such as signs of protected or invasive species

  • Recommendations – A summary of the ecological constraints at the site is provided. This includes any recommendations for further surveys if required

Do I need a PEA?

A PEA is required for any site which will be altered by development to assess the risk of creating negative impacts on the natural environment and breaching wildlife legislation. If a site only constitutes buildings then it may be suitable to just carry out bat and/or nesting bird surveys. 

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