PBA Applied Ecology
PBA Applied Ecology

Construction Environmental Management Plan (CEMP)

A CEMP encompasses all ecological and environmental risks. A CEMP covers everything from protected species mitigation to noise pollution. PBA Applied Ecology has the capabilities to provide a CEMP for any project, drawing upon our proven track record of working closely with our clients, to produce a deliverable plan that ensures ongoing compliance.

Do I require a CEMP?

Projects which may require a CEMP include any project requiring an Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) and larger residential and commercial development projects.  Any project that poses an environmental risk deemed large enough by the competent authority (planning) will require a CEMP as part of the planning/permitting process

The production of a CEMP is the responsibility of the applicant/developer but is usually written by an environmental specialist. The specialist will work closely with the applicant/developer to ensure the plan is site appropriate and deliverable.

What is a CEMP?

The purpose of a Construction Environmental Management Plan is to outline how a construction project will avoid, minimise or mitigate effects on the environment and surrounding area. A CEMP considers aspects of environmental protection within the context of compliance with legislation, government and industry standards, ensuring good practice standards are implemented and minimisation of the impacts on humans and the environment.

CEMPs are ‘live’ documents that are reviewed and updated at regular intervals throughout the project life cycle. The document will encompass all environmental and ecological risk, covering everything from protected species mitigation to noise pollution. CEMPs can be varied in size to suit the project and may be implemented as a precautionary measure to ensure compliance with legislation. An onsite Ecological Clerk of Works (ECoW) is advised for a site to ensure ongoing compliance with the methods outlined in the CEMP.

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