PBA Applied Ecology
PBA Applied Ecology

The Applied Ecology Trust

The Applied Ecology Trust is proud to support and deliver conservation projects to protect and enhance the natural world. The trust also strives to facilitate the advancement of the science underpinning all the work we do by providing support for research projects and students. By organising and delivering public engagement events and training opportunities The Applied Ecology Trust is working to raise awareness of the pressing issues facing the natural world and our native wildlife, and endeavouring to help people find out what they can do to make a real world difference. 

Examples of conservation projects and initiatives we are currently supporting include:

  • Providing work experience opportunities to local schools and colleges

  • Financial and practical support for students undertaking post-graduate research

  • White-clawed crayfish reintroductions and ARK site creation at numerous sites across Yorkshire, Cumbria and Lancashire‚Äč

  • Establishment and maintenance of one of the UK’s largest and most successful white-clawed crayfish captive breeding facilities

  • Woodland enhancements for breeding birds within a local SSSI

  • Pro bono emergency fish and crayfish rescues in response to extreme weather events and droughts

  • Emergency bat care and rehabilitation of grounded and injured bats


If you would like to learn more about any of these conservation projects please contact us at enquiries@pba-ecology.co.uk