PBA Applied Ecology
PBA Applied Ecology


PBA Applied Ecology has an outstanding reputation and extensive experience in delivering freshwater fisheries services for a range of clients. Our IFM accredited teams are trained in the use of specialised equipment including bankside and backpack electrofishing kit, bespoke fish welfare unit, seine nets and fyke nets. We are able to offer a large suite of freshwater fisheries services including fish surveys, fish translocations, aquatic and riparian habitat surveys. PBA have worked across a range of stillwater and riverine systems to deliver efficient and safe fisheries work. 

What services do we offer?

Our fisheries team have the necessary experience, equipment and training to undertake a broad range of activities which include:

  • Standardised 100m single sweep or 50m three-sweep depletion electrofishing surveys

  • Stillwater fisheries electrofishing, seine or fyke nets surveys 

  • Fish community structure and condition assessments

  • Fish translocations to facilitate engineering and construction works

  • Fish spawning and redd surveys

  • Fish spawning habitat suitability surveys

  • River Habitat Surveys

  • River Corridor Surveys

Legislation protecting fish

All native salmonids are protected under the Salmon and Freshwater Fisheries Act 1975. This legislation not only protects salmonids from the utilisation of a number of fishing methods, it establishes closed seasons for fishing and importantly protects freshwater fish from poisonous matter and effluent which is highly relevant to a range of engineering and construction activities.

Further, the Wildlife and Countryside Act 1981 (as amended) protects a range of fish species named under Schedule 5 of the Act from activities which intentionally kill, injure or takes any named fish species. Statutory land designations afford a range of freshwater fish additional protections at national (SSSI) and European (SAC) levels.

It is illegal to intentionally or recklessly disturb the wildlife or their habitats within a SSSI and it is a legal obligation that permissions must be sought from the relevant statutory bodies for works which will be undertaken within these protected areas.

Do you require fisheries services?

You may require fish or habitat surveys if no fisheries data is available for your site or where your work has the potential to impact on fish communities at or downstream of your site. If your programme of works requires any in channel or next to water working, it may be necessary for you to undertake fish translocations to prevent the contravention of relevant fisheries legislation.

Where your works will occur within a statutorily protected area (SSSI, SAC) that is designated for freshwater fish it is likely that a more extensive services may be required by the relevant statutory body (Environment Agency and Natural England) to avoid likely significant impact to the protected species population.

Development activities that could impact upon the aquatic components of an SAC/SPA site will potentially require both an Environmental Permit Application and a Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA).

If you have any queries regarding the services your project may require, please contact our Aquatic team specialists.