PBA Applied Ecology
PBA Applied Ecology

Environmental Permit Applications

Applying for a permit to conduct works along a watercourse can potentially be a confusing and time-consuming process. PBA Applied Ecology has a proven track record of securing flood risk activity permits, on time and on budget, for a wide range of projects and clients. PBA has a good working relationship with the regulatory bodies and a working understanding of the permitting process and associated documents, procuring permits for sensitive works within European designated rivers.

What services do we provide?

You must follow the environmental permitting rules if you want to do work on or near a main river, on or near a flood defence structure, in a flood plain, and on or near a sea defence. PBA take great pride and care in supporting our clients permitting needs, including:

  • Producing and applying for the required flood risk activity permit

  • Statutory body consultation in regard to specific requirements for the permit (such as a Habitat Regulations Assessment)

  • Production of associated documents requested by statutory agencies

  • Undertaking environmental/ecological surveys requested by the statutory body as a requirement of the permit

  • Undertaking geomorphological/ecological monitoring regimes post project if required as a condition of a permit

If you have any queries regarding the services your project may require, please contact us.