River Restoration


River restoration servicesPBA Applied Ecology applies a knowledge-based approach to river restoration and catchment management projects.


From baseline surveys and feasibility studies, through to method statements and project delivery, PBA deploys services to assist in all aspects of river restoration and catchment management. A knowledge-based approach is essential to successful outcomes, and we are proud to have achieved an outstanding track record in this area.


Key to success is understanding natural processes, and working with them rather than against them. This applies to fluval and drainage processes, and to biological and chemical processes, but also to land management systems and engineering processes. River systems are dynamic and ever-changing. PBA has the expertise to place systems on a trajectory that accommodates the aspirations of a wide range of stakeholders.


PBA provides restoration consultancy and design, as well as on-site technical assistance during the construction process. Our personnel bring together a wide range of experience and skills from a variety of projects, including those featuring wetland construction, sensitive in-channel works, channel re-instatement, water meadow and chalk stream management and restoration, integrated constructed wetland creation, and salmonid and fisheries habitat design and improvement.


Our approach to aquatic restoration often encompasses:

This comprehensive approach provides the greatest scope for ecological protection and improvement throughout the project, whilst giving both clients and regulatory bodies full confidence, from construction to completion.


Contacting PBA early can help you to achieve your river restoration and catchment management objectives with minimal delay and cost, of you have any queries please contact us.