Minerals Development


Ecology minerals developmentsPBA has a wealth of experience in the mineral sector, and offices are conveniently located to assist with mineral developments from the Midlands and Wales up through the Yorkshire Dales and Cumbria, into The Borders and beyond.

PBA draws upon 20 years continuous experience in applied ecology works in the minerals sector. Working confidently at a high level in this sector, we have assisted minerals companies in achieving ecologically acceptable outcomes throughout the country.

Some key achievements of our minerals team include:

Leading Govt research investigating limestone quarry restoration

Govt research investigating metalliferous mine site restoration

Participation in Govt research into peatland restoration

Representing mineral companies at major Public Inquiries

EIA projects at 20+ sites throughout the country

Hydro-ecological investigations related to mineral operations

On the ground delivery for mineral developments has included:

Water quality monitoring & management

Species and habitat translocations

Species-rich grassland creation

Woodland enhancement works

Pond and wetland creation

Nestbox installation and monitoring

Installation of bat grilles and automated monitoring at mine sites

Construction of UK’s most successful purpose-built bat cave

Species monitoring (fish, terrestrial invertebrates etc)

We provide a full range of services to the minerals sector, including:

Ecological surveys

Environmental Impact Aassessments

Planning & statutory consents

Protected species issues

Mitigation works

Site restoration

Public inquiries

Public awareness


Please contact us with any enquiries regarding environmental or ecological concerns within mineral developments. We are happy to discuss details of existing or proposed projects and are confident in our ability to provide efficient and effective solutions.