Phase 1 Habitat Survey


Phase 1 Habitat SurveyPBA have considerable expertise in the planning and provision of habitat surveys; the basis of most ecological surveys or investigations.


Most widely used is the extended Phase 1 habitat survey; a standardised field based ecological assessment undertaken in conjunction with a desk based study. Phase 1 survey provides a map of the habitats present on the site as well as a description of each habitat, presenting the user with a basic description of the site, whilst also highlighting features of particular interest.


Where the likely presence of protected species is detected, we may recommend further species-specific surveys. This process provides an assessment in greater depth of the potential implications for development.


Phase 1 habitat surveys can be conducted all year round, however, the optimum period is spring to summer (April – September). It is always advisable to contact an ecologist early in the planning process, so that surveys can be scheduled to best meet your needs.


A wide range of specialist vegetation surveys are also undertaken, applying standard survey and evaluation methods, focused on (e.g.) hedgerows, woodland, moorland, wetlands.


At PBA we will never specify additional surveys unless we believe them to be necessary, and endeavour to provide survey reports in a concise and effective manner. Please contact us with any queries regarding your habitat or extended Phase 1 survey requirements.