Mammal surveysPBA are able provide high quality survey and mitigation services for a number of British mammal species, including those most commonly affected by terrestrial and aquatic developments.



Please see our page on bat survey and mitigation services.


Otter and Water vole

Both otter and water vole are protected by the Wildlife & Countryside Act, and otter are also a European Protected Species. We survey for signs of both otter and water vole, at single site scale through to catchment wide projects. With surveys conducted from the banks and the water. Work has included otter diet (spraint) analysis at Malham Tarn, North Yorkshire with Masters Students from University College London.


Red Squirrel

Red squirrels are protected by the Wildlife & Countryside Act 1991. Surveying and monitoring techniques and are used to detect both the presence of red (and grey) squirrel, and can also be applied to assess trends in numbers and the distribution of populations. From our base in Settle, we are well-located to access most of the remaining strongholds of red squirrel in northern England and southern Scotland.



Surveys include presence/absence of setts, activity signs, and territories. The likely presence of badgers is often assessed within a sites’ phase 1 habitat survey, or can be a stand-alone survey.


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