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Over the past few years it has become increasingly apparent that significant benefits could be obtained through promotion of the understanding and practical application of Applied Ecology. Furthermore, support for post-graduate, science based research of all aspects of Applied Ecology would make a significant contribution to how we promote, protect, develop and encourage public understanding of our natural environment. Presently there are few opportunities outside academia or NGO for workers in the discipline to seek financial support for both research and practical projects.

We believe that a body established with the objects as set out below will have the potential to unlock considerable talent and advance the contribution that Applied Ecologists can make to addressing real world ecology and environmental issues.

We have therefore set up a new trust body to promote the understanding and practical application of Applied Ecology (defined as a subfield within ecology, which considers the application of the science of ecology to real-world questions). This body has the following objects:

To advance the education of the public in general and particularly amongst scientists on the subject of Applied Ecology

To promote research for the public benefit in all aspects of that subject and to publish the useful results.

To promote for the benefit of the public and particularly amongst scientists the conservation protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment

To advance the education of the public in the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment.

The body has been constituted as a Charitable Incorporated Organisation and is seeking registration with the Charities Commission so that it may benefit from the advantages of being able to contract in its own name, employ staff if required and to provide indemnity for trustees.

The body will be supported by, but be wholly independent of, PBA Applied Ecology Ltd. PBA will provide registered offices and administrative support.

The name adopted by the body is The Applied Ecology Trust.

The body will comprise between three and seven appointed trustees, representatives drawn from academia, business, education and NGO sectors. The trustees have agreed and implemented a constitution for the body and identified sources of income.

The body will soon be inviting applications from post-graduate workers who believe that their proposed research and practical projects deliver outcomes and outputs consistent with the objects of the body. Trustees will review these applications and consider the award of funding and other support as they deem appropriate.

For the full trust prospectus or if you would like to be involved in any way with this initiative, please contactThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. tel. 01729-822063